A non-profit focused on research and development of participative approaches to the changing needs of education

(501(c)3 Status Pending)




To support and conduct non-partisan research and development of participative approaches to the changing needs of education;


To channel research from our academic and research partners in the emerging education arena and manifest it into a broad spectrum of activities, from white papers, to teacher training, to experiential events, to make labs, and beyond;


To creatively disseminate the results of this research to education professionals and students, as well as the general public.


Our focus is four-pronged.


The first is on creating and building innovative, collaborative “make visual labs,” or augmented maker spaces that transfer visual, audio, and interactive experiences into schools, leveraging everything from new techniques in interactive storytelling, to building objects both in the physical and virtual, as well as hybrid and crossover versions.


We both develop these make visual labs for the educational facility, or consult on how to develop their own. These hands-on, fast-reacting education and research facilities encourage the creation, production and testing of new approaches which are unique in that education is experienced as more an immersive event than a string of seemingly unrelated exercises.


Secondly, we specialize in developing compelling, engaging, and immersive educational content and programs, which emphasize a multidisciplinary, multi-threaded, multi-generational  - “porous to the community” - lifelong learning approach, with an emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics). Immersive means not only in “make visual labs”, but also live and in real time, learning in real settings, at/alongside innovative companies and research labs – “in the field” as it were.


Thirdly, we are unparalleled in serving as a conduit or liaison for emerging ideas and tech between educational facilities and university R&D labs and corporate collaborators and clients. Content and technology often reflects ideas resulting from The Futures Lab’s consulting assignments and our passion (and specialty) is putting these cutting-edge materials and ideas into the hands of students, teachers, and artists from many disciplines.


LIFE is designed to synergistically augment the work of The Futures Lab, Inc., now in its seventeenth year of operation. TFL offers global consulting for a myriad of categories such as media and entertainment, consumer electronics, mobile communications, automotive, events, fashion and emerging lifestyles, etc. for world-renowned clients, which extends its network both in terms of territories and personnel. With sister companies/partner offices now in eight countries and having conducted consulting work in over 20 countries worldwide, this foundation enables LIFE, along with our sister division, FEEL (Future Entertainment and Events Lab) to expand it services in a synergistic and elegant manner.


The practical application of emerging and immersive technologies in the creation, design, and production of our version of experiential education is based on what TFL founder Derek Woodgate coins “sense events” (which is the bailiwick of our FEEL division). These multi-sensory, immersive, interactive events tangibly, engagingly, and tactilely demonstrate many of the wonderful, “magical,” and creative emerging inventions and innovations in development, specifically, those that are aimed at future‐proofing (anticipating future developments, which empower students to take actions to minimize possible negative consequences, as well as identify opportunities) and augmenting our collective future. The goal in to inform, inspire, ignite, and catalyze the student.


Concurrently, Woodgate’s recent appointment as Consultant in Residence at DAEL: the Digital Arts and Entertainment Lab at Georgia State University will assist in underscoring our efforts at bringing exciting R&D more quickly to the schools.


LIFE is also built upon the unique and successful foundation laid by Plutopia Productions, whose future-focused events in the US (SXSW Interactive, Intel, MMS, Maker Faire, etc.) have always had a cutting-edge, international character, involving artists from across the globe. It is under the direction of Maggie Duval, former CEO of Plutopia Productions, Inc., who also heads our FEEL division. Duval has an extensive background in the technology realm, as well as future-focused event production. She also serves as an both an educator at and advisor to the innovative SkyBridge Austin Academy, focusing on the “T” (technology) and “E” (engineering) components of their holistic STEAM/”Make Lab” educational approach.


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